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Wage Change Form

Raise will be effective the 1st Monday after submission. If entered on a Monday, it will be effective the next Monday.

Appearance: To what extent does employee rate in being well-groomed, neat, in appropriate uniform and overall appearance? 

Quality of Work: Rate on basis of speed, thoroughness, attention to detail, concern about quality, accuracy. 

Customer Service: To what extent does employee take care of their customers and are genuinely concerned about their customers’ experience in our restaurant?

Job Knowledge:  To what extent can employee perform all elements of their primary job function? How well can employee perform other jobs in his/her department (cross-training)? 

Capacity: How much work is employee capable of handling as compared to others in the same position? How well does employee anticipate workload / are they constantly buried? 

Dependability: Does employee work as scheduled? Does employee consistently start on time? Does employee follow through with what they commit to doing? 

Teamwork: How well does employee work with and communicate to other employees? 

Initiative: To what extent is employee willing to go outside of their job description duties and do what needs to be done. 

Attitude: To what extent does employee conduct him/herself in a positive, productive and professional manner with customers, fellow employees and management personnel? 

Provide areas in which employee has performed significally above average:

Provide areas in which employee has areas of improvement:

Your request has been submitted

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