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Use Cell Phone for easy Pic Uploads

If under 18, Must fill out "Under 18" form with the employee.

15 or less will not be hired.

Has this person worked for Something Different Grill before?
Is this person related to anyone at Something Different Grill?


If you answered Yes or Unknown to the 2 questions above you must contact HR prior to onboarding. 

This person IS NOT hired until approved by HR. 

Failure to obtain or is provided falsely will result in the immediate termination of the employee.


Choose all that apply

Check all positions this person will be clocking in for on Toast or scheduled shifts on 7-Shifts.  All wages are hourly.  If position is not selected place a 0 in the wage box.  All wage boxes require an answer.

Will they be using a Pay Card?
Upload File


Drivers License or State ID

ID Issued by government

School ID, voter registration, military card, dependent id card,  Canadian DL,  Under 18- Report card, medical record, day care school record.

Reference I-9 Instructions

Are you uploading a LIST B Doc?
Upload File


Social Security Card

Birth Certificate

Tribal Document

U.S. Citizen Card

Resident Citizen Card

Employment Auth document

Reference I-9 Instructions

Are you uploading a LIST C Doc?
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Visually Inspected Social Security Card:  TYPE IN NUMBER HERE if you are not uploading their SS Card.

List A: Contact HR

Reference I-9 Instructions

Upload File
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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