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How to Filter DoorDash and Grubhub Orders

To not see DoorDash/GrubHub orders you can go to each Terminal and set filters.  This will need to be done on the Payment Terminal, Orders Hub, and Delivery (Dispatch Screen)


Select Payment Terminal: On the right side of screen on the line with OPEN PAID CLOSED you will see 3 lines with dots on the lines.  Click that button.

Under Dining Options Select Dine In, Take Out, Drive Thru, Walk In, Delivery, App Delivery, App Pickup, App Dine In, App Curb side, and App Dropoff.  Basically, all of them accept the one that say Door Dash or Grub Hub.  Click Apply Filters

Under Orders Hub:  The 3 lines with the dots are the first icon on the right side at the top.  Under Dining Option select all options accept Door Dash or Grub Hub ones.


On the DELIVERY screen for Dispatching:  There are 3 dots on the far-right side of screen at the top next to DISPATCH DRIVER.  In the Drop-Down menu click Advanced Filters then under dining options select Delivery, and App Delivery.  Click Apply


Do this on Every Screen or Terminal that you want these options for.

I think this will permanently stay this way day to day, but please let me know if it does not.

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